Another Month Gone

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Well this month seemed to pass too quickly. I’ve been busy with my job search. I got some “free” business cards from Vista Print. I’ve joined a couple networks and attended a “Pink Slip Party” by At the networking event they had a professional resume writer who looked at my “grocery list” resume. So I’ve been reworking it to more reflect me accomplishments and skills and not just a list of my old jobs. All in all I think is was a worthwhile evening and plan on attending more.

I also plan to hit the pavement and distribute my cards to local businesses to see if they have any IT needs. Hopefully with the rumors that the economy may have bottomed out folks may start looking to the future and have computer things they have been putting off.

Talking to the kids on the way to school

April 22, 2009 at 11:58 am | Posted in Employment, Thoughts | 1 Comment

While I was taking the kids to school this morning, we were listening to the radio ( I listen to news radio WWJ.) There was a report on the rising high school drop-out rate. Well one of the kids, who is a friend of my daughter who we took in, is going to adult education to complete her high school degree. We started talking about why she never completed school in the “city” where she was going. She said it was because of the poor environment and lack of personal attention with some of the subjects she was having problems with. She also said what was her diploma really worth if she wasn’t going to be a “banker”. Why bother. She said there aren’t going to be any middle class jobs that she could get because the manufacturing jobs were only at McDonald’s or KFC and they don’t require a diploma.

This reminds me of the 60’s and 70’s when kids here in SE Michigan didn’t bother with going on to get college diplomas. At the time, kids graduating from high school could either go to college and get a degree or go to work in the factories. If they went to college after 4 years they could get a job that paid just as much as the kids that went directly to the work force. Why bother. This is what started the culture of SE Michigan where educations wasn’t as important as it was in other regions. Where I grew up in Wisconsin, it was always assumed that if you could handle college you would go to college. That was just the way it was.

But now with the demise of the middle class and the high cost of higher education, I really don’t see an end to our problems. Even with a college degree, kids don’t have the opportunities because there are no jobs for them to manage or companies that need their skills.

There are smart kids out there but more and more are just saying “Why bother.”


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Well it’s been almost a month since I got my hours cut by 2/3rd. I’ve posted my resume to the usually places but only seem to get calls from companies that are looking to sell financial advice. I am working on an idea for a new web site. So between job apps and my current clients I’m working on the site. Who knows maybe it will be the next “BIG THING”.

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