I need a better Media Server!!

May 1, 2009 at 1:46 pm | Posted in Day To Day | Leave a comment

I haven’t had any issues with going with the 64 bit version of Ubuntu and am very happy with that decision. The only thing I haven’t gotten working to my liking is my Media Server. I have an older D-Link DSM-320 media lounge that I have setup in the family room and like to watch my media there.

I had been using Tversity on my XP box and was waiting for a Linux version they said they were working on. When I went to the site, they had released a new ‘Pro’/Pay version with no word on Linux so I decided to move on since I put all my media on my Linux Box.

I tried Mediatomb but couldn’t get it to transcode properly when I was viewing some videos it was stuttering and pixelating.

I had always liked the Twonky Product but it’s not free so I had to search around for the 30 day trial 64 bit version for Linux. I installed it and it worked great. The transcoding worked great. The true test is watching scenes with water like fishing or swimming. It all seemed to work great but again they seem to be heavy on the Windows Development so I hope they keep up on the Linux side. I just now have to decide what I’m going to do after my 30-days especially with my current underemployment it’s hard to justify the $30.

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