Geeked about the game tonight.

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I haven’t gotten much done today besides my quarter time at my current client and sending out a couple resumes.

I’ve been hoping that the MSU Spartans can pull off another “upset”. (Maybe they will stop calling them “upsets” when they do.)  Now don’t get me wrong I’m still a Wisconsin fan first and foremost but I am a Big Ten fan also.

I’ve spent most of my time watching the tweets and thinking about the situations here in Detroit.  Yes I consider myself a Detroiter even though I live two miles from the city limits because what happens there effects me and my family as much as it does those two miles south of me.

Anyway I ran into a few things that gave me the warm fuzzy’s today.

The first one was from one of my favorite blogs Faded Detroit. I’m not a fan of Rap but I do like Eminem and I liked Eminem’s Tribute to Detroit.

I also ran into this on the Twitter.

And finally…

You can’t cut off your manufacturing arm and expect to build. You can’t outsource everything and expect to lead the world. And you can’t treat blue-collar industry as a bunch of dumb rivetheads who need the government to run them, while allowing the banking world to do as it pleases with taxpayer money.

It wasn’t the auto industry that shot a hole in the side of America.

from a Mitch Albom Column hit me hard.

Well it’s 5 hours till game time maybe I’ll get some work done or maybe not.

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