My Development Environment is setup

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I’ve been using Eclipse for my development environment on Linux. I got the 64bit version working with the help of The 64 Bit Jungle. This may be my ‘GOTO’ site for 64 bit problems. I also decided to go with the Xdebug debugger. I was using Zend before the upgrade but I thought I’d give Xdebug a try. I haven’t gotten into it much other then seeing that it runs.

Tomorrow is Media Server Day.

Got the new box setup and running

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I got my new box setup almost to my my liking. I pullled all my “extra” drives from all my other machines so I have almost 800 Gig on it. I swapped my 4 gig RAM out of my XP Box and put the 2 gig RAM in the XP Box, mostly because when I updated to the 4 GIG, I really didn’t notice that much of a difference. (It’s an underpowered machine.) I’ve been consolidating most of my data. I had to dump the Vista partition because it refused to shrink down to less then 179 GIGS. To much space for something that wouldn’t be used very often.

I currently only use my XP box for some development I do for once in a while for a client. I also use it with to run my Tweetdeck Twitter client so it’s always visible in its screen. I use Synergy to share my keyboard and mouse across all my machines.

I’ve got my RSS reader Gregarius set up on the Apache Server. I set up my Amarok music player.

Tomorrow I need to get my development environment going.

I got a new Linux Box

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Over the weekend I got a different PC. I got a big box with an Intel D975XBX2 mother board with an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Processor, 250 Gig Drive. So I’m pretty excited. I usually just get Walmart Specials so this one it pretty fun and kinda high end for me. I’m just lucky to have a brother in law that had it to sell and gave me a great deal. It only took me 20 minutes to install Ubuntu 9.04 64 on it for dual boot with Vista and now I’m moving all my stuff from the old computer. Now all I have to do it try to talk my lady into letting me put the old Linux box next to the TV for a MythTV box.

Well I released my site

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I finally released an alpha of my new site It’s a Web app that lets folks who have skills connect with folks who need skills. It’s based on Twitter and written in PHP. I got alot of insight into the Twitter API from Twitter Development Talk Google Group and used the Library from Jaisen Mathai. I announced it on my Twitter and Facebook but no results as of yet but most of those I follow on Twitter are high traffic folks and most of the Facebookers don’t use Twitter. The plan for the next week it to start spaming it and see what happens.

Wish me luck.

Talking to the kids on the way to school

April 22, 2009 at 11:58 am | Posted in Employment, Thoughts | 1 Comment

While I was taking the kids to school this morning, we were listening to the radio ( I listen to news radio WWJ.) There was a report on the rising high school drop-out rate. Well one of the kids, who is a friend of my daughter who we took in, is going to adult education to complete her high school degree. We started talking about why she never completed school in the “city” where she was going. She said it was because of the poor environment and lack of personal attention with some of the subjects she was having problems with. She also said what was her diploma really worth if she wasn’t going to be a “banker”. Why bother. She said there aren’t going to be any middle class jobs that she could get because the manufacturing jobs were only at McDonald’s or KFC and they don’t require a diploma.

This reminds me of the 60’s and 70’s when kids here in SE Michigan didn’t bother with going on to get college diplomas. At the time, kids graduating from high school could either go to college and get a degree or go to work in the factories. If they went to college after 4 years they could get a job that paid just as much as the kids that went directly to the work force. Why bother. This is what started the culture of SE Michigan where educations wasn’t as important as it was in other regions. Where I grew up in Wisconsin, it was always assumed that if you could handle college you would go to college. That was just the way it was.

But now with the demise of the middle class and the high cost of higher education, I really don’t see an end to our problems. Even with a college degree, kids don’t have the opportunities because there are no jobs for them to manage or companies that need their skills.

There are smart kids out there but more and more are just saying “Why bother.”

Another good week!

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I’m watching the Redwings win and taking a break from working on the site. My son gave me a big boost this week by designing a logo for the site.

The New Logo

I think I’ll be ready to release it tomorrow as an alpha. I plan on getting it out there and updating as it often. Once it’s released then I have to start marketing it which will be a new experience for me, since I have a hard time marketing myself.

Well there’s 12 Minutes left in the game and the Wing are up 4-0 so time to relax.

Where did the week go?

April 12, 2009 at 11:10 am | Posted in Skillzdesk, Thoughts | Leave a comment

WOW this week just scooted by. My daughter went back to California on Wednesday so I spent some time with her. I’ve been using FlightsStats to track her flights. It’s a nice site that allows you to receive SMS messages on takeoff and arrival and tracks the flight en route on Google Maps. I did make some progress on my Website. I was having a problem with OAuth for Twitter Authentication but with updated code from Jaisen Mathai’s Blog, it all just dropped in. I’ve just got to add some content and I will force the alpha out on the world this week.

I also have to post here more often so my posts don’t ramble.

Geeked about the game tonight.

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I haven’t gotten much done today besides my quarter time at my current client and sending out a couple resumes.

I’ve been hoping that the MSU Spartans can pull off another “upset”. (Maybe they will stop calling them “upsets” when they do.)  Now don’t get me wrong I’m still a Wisconsin fan first and foremost but I am a Big Ten fan also.

I’ve spent most of my time watching the tweets and thinking about the situations here in Detroit.  Yes I consider myself a Detroiter even though I live two miles from the city limits because what happens there effects me and my family as much as it does those two miles south of me.

Anyway I ran into a few things that gave me the warm fuzzy’s today.

The first one was from one of my favorite blogs Faded Detroit. I’m not a fan of Rap but I do like Eminem and I liked Eminem’s Tribute to Detroit.

I also ran into this on the Twitter.

And finally…

You can’t cut off your manufacturing arm and expect to build. You can’t outsource everything and expect to lead the world. And you can’t treat blue-collar industry as a bunch of dumb rivetheads who need the government to run them, while allowing the banking world to do as it pleases with taxpayer money.

It wasn’t the auto industry that shot a hole in the side of America.

from a Mitch Albom Column hit me hard.

Well it’s 5 hours till game time maybe I’ll get some work done or maybe not.

Chatted with a friend

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I was talking to a friend yesterday about his Web App and was inspired by his enthusiasm. We chated about what he wants for the near term and did some ‘pie in the sky’ thinking involving remote controlled shopping carts. It’s funny how when someone has an idea and runs with it, the ideas just flow. I wish him all the luck with his project and will lend him a hand where I can. Follow the development of his site here.

Started reading a book.

April 3, 2009 at 9:32 am | Posted in Learning | Leave a comment

I found an interesting book that I started to read. It’s Principles Of Beautiful Web Design. I’m not a very visually creative person but I guess it’s time to learn some of the principals of making pages that don’t hurt the viewer. I hope that I can pick up some of the finer points.

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